The 10x Mini Importation
Master Class

Do you know that alot of people today are making 6 - 7 figure income working from home
just by importing simple, unique products from china and marketing it on social media (facebook,
instagram, messenger e.t.c)



Still doubting?

We imported 300 pieces of a unique product recently which cost #300 each and we sold all for N5,500 each within 2 weeks which

made us a profit of N1.5 million in profit after removing logistics cost. This is just what i did from the comfort of my home.

This is exactly what you are going to learn in my 'mini importation master class 2019'. No fluffs, hypes or stories
100% practical where you will see, learn and apply A-Z of mini importation.

This is your opportunity to make good money IN THE ECOMMERCE BUSINESS

Your Life will Change After this Seminar
I will be revealing some of the trending products you can import with less than N20,000 and make over 100K plus profit in 1 week.

You will be exposed to all the winning secrets in Mini Importation and How to use it to Create Wealth on facebook & Instagram.

How to Start, Run, and Grow your Business from the comfort of your home making 6/7 figure income monthly

That’s solid 6 hours of intensive financial masterclass and empowerment, plus the follow up mentor-ship. Participants will get Free business eBook on how to start, run, and grow their businesses in any market.


  • WhatsApp Sender Pro
  • Bulk Email Sender
  • 80 million Nigerian Numbers
  • 6 million Classified Nigerian Emails
  • Simple Audience Software
  • 25 in 1 Email marketing tool kits
  • 70 HIGHLY VALUABLE INTERNET MARKETING package to make you loads of money online
  • 47 marketing Facebook groups

List of Topics We'll Cover:


  • A- Z on how to start your ecommerce/mini importation business with an investment of as low as #15,000.
  • How to buy from china & import to Nigeria without
  • How to know the best product to import that will bring you consistently 6-7 figure income monthly without stress
  • How to spy on your competitor ecommerce websites to spy for winning products
  • How to import your products in china very cheap

  • Basics of shopify (Advanced class)
  • How to promote your products using instagram & facebook
  • How to import with N100,000 & Make N700,000 in 2 weeks
  • How to handle logistics and delivery from your bed
  • Selling your products with the $5 Facebook ad strategy
  • You will learn how to kickstart your ecommerce business without having a single product of your own and so much more

All the hidden secrets that no one will tell you outside!!!

All of these will be given to participants live on the training day! Plus ongoing business mentoring directly administered by me, to help you grow in whatever business you are doing.


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